H2 ristretto man


H2 woman


H2 man


HP2 man


 modello H2

H2 : multilayer pad with various insert options in central part.

H2P : multilayer pad with various insert options in central part, with tip.


The top side in touch with body is in CoolMax bielastic sanitized fabric antibacterial treated.

Light fabric soft and transpiring, keeps body dry and cool removing sweat during physical anctivity.


Light bielastic layer to hold the various padding layers.


Varius internal paddings options possible, in the central part in contact with the seat help to protect against shocks. (red parts in picture)





Air Plus : It's an hight density foam (85 kg/m 10 mm thickness, 14 kPA capacity - 85 density), perforated to help traspirability.
Antishock : It's and very hight density fabric (30 kg/m) and 10-20 kPA hight capacity to better prevent shocks and vibration in most stresset points.
Gel : These are perforated Gel inserts 5/6 mm thickness for a softer support and air flow.


Available colors :


Graphitan Gray Black Orange Light blue Red


The models shown here are available in all the fabrics
 All items are supplied complete with label and brand name
 All models may be customised with silk screen printing in several colours and types of lettering.
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