- Multipreme (MTP) density 20 + filling (economical)
- Multipreme (MTP) density 40 + filling (basic)
- Multipreme (MTP) density 60 + filling (super, top range)
- Multipreme (MTP) density 90 + filling (impact, high gamma)

- Airplus Breathable (top)

Thicknesses available: from zero to 10 mm.

MULTIPREME or standard padding :
This is composed of 100% UNI EN 9002 certified EXPANDED POLYESTER. Different percentages of density are available, 20, 40 or 60, according to degree of elasticity required (the higher the density the higher the degree of elasticity).
The padding is bonded to the fabric with flame method or with the use of environmentally-friendly adhesive stitching.
The top layer, which is in contact with the skin, is made in the material of your choice. The underside of the item
is 100% non-slip polyester filling.
This is a new type of padding created with POLYESTER fibres which have been crossed over in order to achieve a high degree of resistance, an extremely high rate of breathability and to prevent the absorption of water or moisture.
The part in contact with the skin is completed with linted fabric.
This item does not need to be bonded as it is produced from a single piece.
Thickness: 7 mm

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